The core of any family comes down to the husband and wife. If the couple are having problems, then the family is having problems. Unfortunately, many couples get into a rut when they’ve been married for any length of time. And with that time, these couples seek other outlets to feed their needs and desires that their significant other may not be providing.

I was at church the other day, and our pastor said that one great way to keep ‘spice’ in your marriage is to meet your spouse at a hotel for the day. Surprise them… I’m sure there would be some excitement brought back into your relationship.

The other day I found a coupon for the Reality Kings membership site. I was able to bring some spice back into my own marriage by just adding a little porn into our bedroom. I suggest you give it a try if your spouse is open to it. Because I find our life is so busy and hectic that it’s so hard to get in the mood after a long day and putting the kids to bed.

Let me know what you think…

The number one thing to keeping your family intact is ‘Faith’. Secondly, it is ‘Fairness’. Here will be describing and offer help/tips to keeping your core family together.